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Who We Are

The Wine & Dine trademark and service mark are filed with the United States Patent & Trade Office (USPTO), United States of America, and are "Principal Registered" marks with incontestable rights.

Wine & Dine is the title of WINE & DINE Magazine, first published in 1993. In 2016, the Wine & Dine brand was purchased by Stephen Herlihy.

Wine & Dine Corporation was restructured in 2017. Under special arrangements with Wine & Dine Corporation, The Guardian of the Wine & Dine brand, licensing of the brand may be possible.

Brand: WINE & DINE®
Publisher Registration & Certification: Wine & Dine (Print - Magazine Publication) ISSN 2574-1691
Wine & Dine (Online - CD-ROM Publication) ISSN 2574-1705
Trademark Registration: USPTO: Trademark, International Class 16
USPTO: Service Mark, International Class 41
2018 Pending Trademark Registrations with USPTO:
International Class(es):
003: Cosmetics; 014: Jewelry; 018: Leather Goods;
020: Furniture; 021: Housewares; 024: Fabrics;
025: Clothing; 028: Games; 041: Education and Entertainment
Date of First Usage: 1993
Owner: Wine & Dine Properties Ltd., Las Vegas, Nevada USA
Language: English
Editor-in-Chief: Stephen Herlihy
External Links: www.wineanddine.com
Wikipedia (Wine & Dine is under submission for publication, 2017)

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