1 yellowtail snapper

1/6 watermelon; cut into even sized, medium diced

1/4 honey dew melon; cut into even sized, medium diced

1/4 cantaloupe melon; cut into even sized, medium diced

2 bunch thyme, chopped

1 small ginger root

2 c. melon syrup

2 c. ginger syrup

2 oz. tangelo orange sauce

1 oz. annatto oil

2 oz. racu

2 oz. molasses

Directions: Prepare yellowtail by descaling skin and making 10 diagonal cuts in each direction to form a crisscross. Reapeat pattern on the other side of the fish. Peel melons and dice. Marinate with thyme, ginger, melon and ginger syrup.

Cook fish in smoking hot pan until both sides of skin are golden brown and crispy. Finish in oven, approximately 8 minutes. Remove and squeeze on lemon juice and annatto oil.

Arrange melons on a plate in oval shape and pour orange sauce around the fruit. Blob annatto oil on top of sauce. Follow with racu. Zigzag molasses at an angle across fruit and sauce. Lay yellowtail snapper on top.